World Of Warcraft Free Gold Guide

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft, and wondering how it is that you’ll make enough gold for mounts, training, or equipment and you’ve thought about getting a good gold guide, that’s awesome. A Gold Guide will greatly benefit you, and help you acquire the gold you need. Today World Info

But don’t waste your hard earned money on a gold guide. Most of them aren’t even worth it. I’ve bought most of the guides on the market today, and really only one or two are even worth it. No I’m not going to try to get you to buy either one of them either.

Honestly most of the information contained in these guides you can easily find online in forums, free guides, and newsletters.

Sure a lot of the free guides aren’t worth the time you wasted reading them, I’ve read quite a few of those that I even paid for! So it’s not just the ones that you see for free that sometimes have bad info in them. I paid $47 for a top of the line guide, and it had hardly any good info at all, in several sections it had statements like I’m working on this, or this will be released soon…and this guide is a few years old!

How long does it take to get some info together?! Not years, but just a few days.

So I started looking for really good free guides, and while I found this a very difficult task to accomplish, there were a few. One stood out in particular, and not only the guide, but also the newsletter that comes with it. You can find it on the site below.


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