Tips For Steel Windows And Door Maintenance

Steel has become one of the more popular materials for framing doors and windows. The material is prized for its durability, security, fire rating, and strength even in the harshest conditions. So even though it may cost more than other materials like aluminium, in the long run, steel for your doors and windows delivers low-cost ownership, giving you greater savings.

But while steel doors and window frames generally require very minimal maintenance, some of the exceptionally made steel windows and doors are considered to be maintenance-free, the hardware and various accessories built in will need the occasional looking after.

There are certain parts of doors and windows that will require periodic inspection, to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. For doors and frames, it is recommended that all hinges undergo a check. Look for visible defects. Then test custom steel doors and windows , making sure that it opens freely and smoothly. Check the locking mechanisms. These should function well, without the need for force. Look for loose screws and make sure the strike plate is firmly in place.

Sealed window joints should also be checked regularly. You may need to reseal to prevent water leakage into your home or office. Other than checking the seals and resolving issues quickly, you will also want to inspect the gaskets and other working parts.

When a periodic inspection is done on steel windows and doors, Sydney property owners will ensure the longevity of these features as well as guarantee their performance, against pests, fire, and other harsh elements.

In addition to the regular checks, most manufacturers recommend giving steel frame surfaces a good wash, while you’re washing the glass or other features designed into your windows and doors. You can use mild, non-alkaline detergent mixed with warm water, and rub the steel surfaces with a sponge or soft cloth, for doors and windows with factory applied surface finishes, and then rinse.

The mix, incidentally, will vary depending on the salt and grime in the environment you live in. Aside from that, the frequency in cleaning your steel frame windows will also depend on your location. The same goes for washing steel doors.

If you live in a coastal or marine environment, cleaning should be done at six- to 12-month intervals. If you live in an industrial or urban location, cleaning may be done at three- to six-month intervals. If you live in the suburbs or rural area, cleaning should be applied at six- to 12-month intervals.

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