Learn the Spanish Language Abroad for the Time of Your Life!

There are many reasons why people want to study Spanish abroad. It may be because they want to be as far away as possible from their parents or because they want to know how it is to be independent. Everybody has their own reason why they want to study Spanish abroad.

But if you are not convinced, like many other skeptics out there, here are some more benefits of studying Spanish abroad.

o When you study the Spanish language abroad, you learn more that just the language. This is because you immerse yourself the culture and practices of the country. So when your are planning to study Spanish abroad, make sure that you study it in a Spanish speaking country, so that you learn the language and the culture of that country. You’ll get so much more than what you’ll learn in local schools.clifton college Immersing yourself in a new culture makes you a well rounded person.

o Being in an international school / university guarantees that you get to meet more than just the locals in that country. You will meet friends from different nations. As a result of this you get exposed to different cultures. This will give you a more “worldly” and unprejudiced view about other cultures. Meeting other nationals gets rid of the prejudices your own culture may have influenced on you when you were young.

o Learning Spanish in a Spanish speaking country makes your studies easier for you. This is because you get to practice your lessons outside of class and you learn to apply them in your daily life. Simply talking to the grocer down the street from where you live brings a whole new meaning to you. Small encounters such as that teach you not only how to speak Spanish fluently but also how to deal with different kinds of people. Living there improves your fluency much quicker than when you are taking up classes in your own country.

o Daily experiences in a foreign country mold you as a person. Being a foreigner in a country teaches you how to respect and appreciate other people’s culture. This is also a great way to teach you how to adapt to different cultures and beliefs. Like what Darwin said, adaptation is key to survival. If you cannot adapt to other cultures then you will not survive is rapidly changing world.

o Forging friendships in school will help you increase your connections in the future. Friendships and bonds formed may used for more business and career opportunities in the future.


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