How to Write Your family History The Fun Way

It was a warm sunny day. My young family was outside enjoying the golden daffodils and the brilliant display of colorful tulips while listening to the breeze ruffle the leaves of swaying trees. Suddenly the wind blew harder and dark clouds rolled in.

First a light sprinkle turned into a shower, then it poured Family Story App
. We quickly gathered our things and headed for shelter. Why do we run from the very thing that sustains us?

Whenever there is a severe drought nobody runs from the rain. On the contrary, they call everyone they know, they stand looking up at the sky as the rain falls on their relieved and happy faces. they soak it all up, wading in it, walking in it and laughing in it. But that day… That day we ran like the dickens!

While watching it rain from the inside looking out I often think of how lush and brilliant the foliage will grow with a real good watering. My thoughts shift to episodes in my life that indicated personal growth, achievements and goal met. then i say, I have to take the time to write this down.

It’s important to record notable events in the life of each family member and review them from time to time. Putting it all down in a family history log preserves history for the generations to come. But attainments is not all that should make the history books. There are sunny days and cloudy days, droughts and surprise showers. There times when you’re stooping lower to dig deeper and reach higher and many life lessons learned along the way. Best of all a lot of laughter and spontaneous fun. These times deserve to be recorded as well.

And speaking of family history logs It’s always best to keep a log, journal or blog of your family life including genealogy, personal achievements, contributions to the community as well as general life growing up. But family history does not always have to be cut-and-dry.

Add some life to it by including some funny photos of baby in a bath full of soap suds or the toddler frantically chasing bubbles in the park. Include silly pranks like dumping water on dads head while sleeping on the porch or baby’s first attempt to feed himself while making a complete mess of what was a perfectly prepared spaghetti dinner.

Add some light anecdotal stories from family interviews and include some excerpts from humorous text messages to and from family members. Step back in time to yesteryear and take a stroll on the funny side of life. Collect bridesmaids dresses and tux worn over the years.

Describe the dances and dress characteristic of the times. Record the days the kids decided to take over the kitchen and make dinner? Record those secret shower serenades when the bather didn’t think anyone was listening. There’s nothing like viewing photo stories and videos of failed attempts at inventions, recipes and art compared to the look of glee when after many attempts they finally succeed. As the beta release date of Microsoft Windows 8 is approaching near, discussions and speculations about what the latest operating system has to offer are rising high. Other than the regular yet improved features, the cult operating system from Microsoft now offers a great platform for full-screen apps. Users can now touch their applications, customize them, and view them in a full-screen mode without interruptions or menus hanging on the top of the screen.

So whether you want to create a word document or PowerPoint slide, browse the internet, watch movies and videos, check weather information, or read RSS feeds, you simply need to slide your finger over the tile to open it. Open the full-screen view and experience a truly beautiful, rich app feel. Yes, even your word document will appear in a full screen mode to give you the feel of a white blank paper on which you can scribble your story.

Or else, take a walk down the memory lane when seeing friends’ or family photos in full screen mode or roll on the floor laughing when watching your favorite animated movie. Nothing can dare to interrupt your pleasure, no menu, no tabs to give you the feeling of a computer. What’s more, when you need to access another application, just slide your finger to the right hand side or up at top of the screen to bring up five Charms viz. Search, Share, Start menu (or the home screen), and more. You can even open and view 2 or more apps in parallel.

What’s more, Internet explorer (IE) 10, the web browser, is here to take your browsing experience to another level. Get faster, richer, and never before fluid-touch web experience when browsing the internet in IE 10. The chrome-free browser screen offers a full screen view of the websites. If you want to customize the settings or go to another website, slide your finger down from the top of the screen to unhide the address bar and other tabs. This way you get more space and a neat website experience. You can even pin your preferred websites to Windows Start, the startup screen to access them with just a single tap.

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