Electric Lawnmower Reviews — Which Lawnmower Must i Buy?

Deciding on which lawnmower to buy can be a daunting task. There are just several types with several features. There are basically four types available and they all have their professionals and cons.

Push Baitcasting reel Mowers are powered solely by you. There are no wires, no charging, no awful gas and oil toxins and they’re very quiet. If you enjoy a good workout this could be the ideal mower for you. If you have a reasonably extensive lawn maybe not! They are also a lot of effective if your your lawn is longer than about 2 ½ in ..
Electric Mowers require a power source and they can be restricted to the length of the electrical power cord, available power points and things that may pull the the power cord. If your lawn area is reasonably small and you are not into workouts an electric mower is the right choice for you.
Cord-free Mowers are powered by normal rechargeable batteries which on some mower models can be removed and charged wherever you like. With cord-free mowers you don’t have the effort of pushing in the lead and having to be constantly aware of where your power cord is lying but battery life can become an issue. If you have a more substantial than normal lawn ATMEGA2560-16AU you may not be able to complete the cutting on a single charge.
Gas Mowers are more powerful which is best if your your lawn is tall and thick but then you need to be able to accept the toxins and stench of gas and oil. These mowers need to be constantly serviced and you will also require a method of getting gas and oil readily available.
What do all those power measurements on mowers mean — The only thing that you need worry about is whether the lawnmower cutting blades spin fast enough to cut the your lawn, but there are some points to bear in mind when you’re planning to buy.

With gas mowers there are three measurements to consider — power (hp) which is the ability output of the motor, torque which is the amount of power used in the blade and cc (cubic centimeters) which is the rating of the motor output based on the displacement volume of the motor’s cylinders. You also have the two-stroke and the four-stroke where the two-stroke is believed to have a higher power output but also produces more contaminants.

With cord-free and electric lawnmowers power is measured in volts, amps or t. To calculate power consider that gas mowers have power ratings starting at three power. An electric mower using 6. 5 amps generates about one power and a 12 amp model generates nearly two power. To calculate the power of your electric mower multiply the amps by the volts and then partition that figure with 746. Having more power does not imply more cutting power. For this reason most manufacturers started rating walk-behind mowers in torque power or cc’s, and a higher ‘cc’ translates to higher torque.

When deciding on which lawnmower to purchase rather go according to features, the available warranty and the reviews for that model and not only on the power measurements.

The features to look for are as follows: —

The Cutting Deck refers to the blade housing. The broader the cutting deck means how many passes must mow a certain area. However if your mower has a wide deck it could be difficult to go the mower into smaller areas.

Mulching or Bagging. Choose a mower with a backside or side bag choice to collect cuttings alternatively if you would like to naturally fertilize your lawn with the clippings get a mower that can also mulch. A mower with a 3-in-1 feature will bag, mulch or side-discharge.

For your lawn with an undulating surfaces choose a mower with at least 7-inch diameter wheels and preferably with ball-bearings.

Most mowers also allow you to adjust the cutting height which is the space between the blade and your your lawn. Therefore you need to decide on how much range you need.

Another good feature is a plastic flap at the back to block objects thrown up by the mower cutting blades. Always follow the manufacturers safety instructions and always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

When buying a cord-free mower consider purchasing an extra battery to enable you to finish cutting your lawn if the battery runs out. You can then keep one of the batteries on charge at all times with the other. Typically a 24-volt mower will run approximately 90 minutes and cut up to and including third of an acre and a 36-volt will run approximately 3 hours and cut up to half an acre.

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