Discount Clone Golf Clubs – Save Your Money for the 19th Hole!

Anyone who plays golf knows the sport is not at all cheap. With membership fees, golf green fee costs, golf shoes, golf clothes, golf clubs, golf carts and golf balls, even a minimalist wishing to play has to fork out a Vclubshop small fortune. With the availability of clone golf clubs, there is now an area where you can keep some money in your own pocket and still achieve the same results on the course.

It can be boring if you finish a great game of golf, but don’t have any money left over for a beer or glass of wine at the end. You want to save money where you can for the social side of golfing. Instead of buying over priced brand name golf clubs, why not get clone golf clubs instead, and save money for a bit of fun with your golfing friends?

Clone golf clubs are not golf clubs made to OEM or original manufacturer standards as some people suspect. They are in fact clubs made to their own specifications and own use of modern technology. Clone golf clubs are made from Vclubshop quality materials and can also be custom designed for your specific and individual requirements.

Brand name golf clubs such as Callaway, Ping, Nike, Taylor Made or Titleist are very expensive and only golfers with money to burn can really afford to buy them. A famous pro golfer once said “The ball can’t tell the brand”, which is true and means people are only buying expensive, over-priced clubs to show off to their peers and advertise their wealth.

If you can’t afford to buy your name-brand golf clubs with cash up front, maybe you are buying out of your league. You could get clone golf clubs that do the same job for half the price or less. Value does not mean low quality, it just means low prices for a product that performs just as well. The clone golf clubs have proven themselves to be reliable, long-lasting and made with quality design and modern technology.

Clone golf drivers are less expensive without compromising the quality or size of the club head. Whether your game is to try the new age square driver heads or you prefer the traditional shaped drivers, you will find a clone golf club that is similar to the name brand for considerably less money. The price you would expect to pay for a clone golf driver is around $70 – $100. The same goes for other clubs such as golf woods, golf hybrids, golf wedges and golf putters. The range of clone golf clubs is versatile and the clubs are stylish, new age and high quality.

You will always play golf with Vclubshop a smile on your face when you know you haven’t had to pay a fortune for your clubs. Within reason, if the clubs you are using are the right specifications for your size, once you are used to using them, you can master how to play with them. It doesn’t matter if you spend $70 or $700, this is still the case. Next time you need a new club or set of clubs, choose clone golf clubs – you won’t be getting second best, you will just be paying less!

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